100 Lessons From Watching 100+ Hours of Alex Hormozi

Danny Leibrandt

Danny Leibrandt

Apr 16, 2024

Alex Hormozi
Alex Hormozi
Alex Hormozi

I've watched 100+ hours of Alex Hormozi.

Here are the top 100 lessons I've learned from him:

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1. Solve for referrals.

2. Power follows blame.

3. Make inputs the goal.

4. Success is color blind.

5. FOMO means go slow.

6. Expect and plan for no.

7. Become too good to fail.

8. Fuck happiness, just win.

9. “No’s” get you 0% poorer.

10. Death taxes everyone 100%.

11. Action alleviates anxiety.

12. Word of mouth is quadratic.

13. Do the obvious things first.

14. You literally PAY attention.

15. This is what hard feels like.

16. Sales is a dance, not a fight.

17. Boring is what makes you rich.

18. Strategy is just prioritizing.

19. Inaction is an active decision.

20. Mistakes love a rushed decision.

21. The price for “yes” is 100 no’s.

22. I can not lose if I do not quit.

23. Money solves money problems.

24. Money flows where attention goes.

25. Never trade reputation for money.

26. Conviction will correct your tone.

27. Help the prospect decide, not buy.

28. The biggest productivity hack is NO.

29. Don’t do anything complicated, ever.

30. Trauma is just accelerated learning.

31. No silver bullets, only golden BB’s.

32. Brand is more important than anything.

33. Everything comes down to buying time.

34. Fear is a mile wide but an inch deep.

35. You can never provide too much value.

36. Assume 0 people will see your content.

37. In order to grow, you need to do less.

38. Every trait you want has a price tag.

39. You can’t hate someone you understand.

40. When it gets easy is when you go hard.

41. Don’t build confidence, build evidence.

42. Winners and losers have the same goals.

43. Sell the vacation, not the plane flight.

44. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

45. The market will tell you what you deserve.

46. Fame is the most efficient business model.

47. Learning is same conditions, new behavior.

48. Compare yourself to who you want to become.

49. Get rid of all the open loops in your life.

50. Motivation is directly tied to deprivation.

51. The biggest risk that you have is ignorance.

52. You have to hate something to really change.

53. Sadness is just a perceived lack of options.

54. As a young guy, aim for learning not earning.

55. If you get better, then no effort was wasted.

56. Focus means doing one thing and going all in.

57. Simple, obtainable goals create crazy growth.

58. Unless something changes, it won’t get better.

59. The first person you have to sell is yourself.

60. If you give so much, you’ll never need to ask.

61. The person with the longest time horizon wins.

62. Commitment is eliminating alternative actions.

63. The fortunes are made in never losing customers.

64. It’s arrogant to assume you’re going to live old.

65. Just one decision could change your life forever.

66. Hard is a good thing. That means very few will do it.

67. Self acceptance is the biggest embodiment of failure.

68. You feel like an imposter because you are an imposter.

69. Success is not the best revenge, it’s the only revenge.

70. People don’t care about you until you’ve done something.

71. There is someone who has had it worse and done it better.

72. No one is going to hate on you for doing worse than them.

73. It’s very tough for consistent people to not be successful.

74. The cynics get to be right and the optimists get to be rich.

75. Rich people feel more deprived of money than poor people do.

76. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have no choice.

77. Expecting it to be easy makes it much harder than it ever is.

78. Just try to be directionally correct, not absolutely correct.

79. The faster the feedback loop, the more engrained the behavior.

80. Money loves speed, wealth loves time, poverty loves indecision.

81. People don’t regret doing things, they regret not doing things.

82. If you want to be exceptional, then you have to be an exception.

83. Understanding how to get more out of what you put in IS the game.

84. The work doesn’t care who you are, it just cares that it gets done.

85. Great products cost a penny, sell for a buck, and are habit forming.

86. If it’s not going to change your life, it shouldn’t change your mood.

87. What you’re going through is what makes the goal worthwhile in the end.

88. Your problems are usually one tough conversation away from being solved.

89. Failure is a requisite for success. Rack up failures as fast as possible.

90. Measure everything. The more ways you can track, the more ways you can win.

91. You need extreme paranoia in the present and unshakable faith in the future.

92. Being able to delay gratification is the single greatest skill you can develop.

93. Pick a goal and do an amount of work that makes it unreasonable for you to succeed.

94. Instead of getting in the mood to work, just work. Starting is the perfect condition.

95. If you’re going through hard times right now, it means you’re on the path to success.

96. The rocky cutscene lasts 30 seconds in the movie, but it can last 5 years in your life.

97. Words matter because they affect how we think. How we think matters because it affects what we do.

98. When things get hard, remind yourself that this is where most people stop and is why they don’t win.

99. You don’t have to feel good about it, you just have to keep going. The feelings will pass and you will remain.

100. If you can’t learn from other people’s failures, then you have to learn every mistake yourself. Which is possibly the stupidest thing you can do.

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Quick disclaimer:

Some of these may be paraphrased or Alex quoting someone else. These are just from the notes I've taken from consuming loads of his content. I have 500+ lol.

So grateful for Alex Hormozi!