Why Podcasts Are The Best Way To Build Trust

Danny Leibrandt

May 13, 2024

Just hit 10,000+ views and 500+ hours of watch time! It’s a milestone worth celebrating, but it’s not just about the numbers. Here’s the one thing that changed everything for me: I started a podcast. Yep, that’s it. The simple act of posting and repurposing podcasts has brought me here. But let me be clear—the numbers aren’t the most important thing. The trust I’m building with my audience is.

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The Enduring Power of Podcasts

1. Podcasts Live Forever

Unlike most content out there, a good podcast never really dies out. It has a longevity that’s hard to match. Think of a podcast more like a classic movie rather than a fleeting piece of content. If you watch an insanely good movie from the 1950s, you’re likely to tell your friends about it. The same principle applies to podcasts. People will share, post, and promote your podcast as long as it’s good. This continuous promotion makes podcasts a high-leverage content type. It’s content that keeps on giving, constantly drawing in new listeners and keeping your existing audience engaged.

Building Trust Through Expert Association

2. Associate with Other Experts

In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of starting a podcast. Not only am I learning and connecting with experts, but I also get to associate with them. This association builds credibility. If you see that I’ve hosted 100+ podcasts with top industry experts, you’re likely to think I’m trustworthy. Even if you’ve never met me, this strong association can build trust by proxy. Spending a full hour with these experts and sharing that conversation with my audience establishes a deep and credible connection that goes beyond a simple selfie at a conference.

Deep Engagement with Your Audience

3. Audience Spends a Lot of Time with You

Trust can be scaled through content, and trust makes deals happen. Most creators know this, but the challenge lies in how to achieve it. Many creators focus on short-form content, which might get a lot of likes and views but results in only a few minutes of engagement. Podcasts, on the other hand, foster deeper connections. Imagine having die-hard podcast fans who set aside an hour each week to spend with you. These fans are more likely to trust you and, by extension, support your endeavors. I trust Joe Rogan and Alex Hormozi, even though I’ve never talked to them. This kind of trust can be built through long-form content like podcasts.

Final Thoughts

I have nothing to sell you, and I’m not affiliated with any podcast software. I genuinely want to see you win. Podcasts are a super high ROI (Return on Investment) content type, and I hope this post has got you thinking about the potential benefits. I’ve discussed the SEO benefits of podcasts extensively in my recent speeches, and I’ll be posting the recordings on my YouTube channel @PestControlSEO soon. That’s also where you can find my podcast.


  1. Podcasts live forever: They continue to engage and attract listeners long after the initial release.

  2. Associate with other experts: Build credibility through strong associations with industry leaders.

  3. Audience spends a lot of time with you: Deep engagement fosters trust and loyalty.

And that’s all, folks! I hope you found this valuable. If you did, please comment down below. Let’s start a conversation and explore how we can leverage podcasts to build trust and grow our businesses together. Cheers 🥂