How I Got My Knowledge Panel on Google

Danny Leibrandt

Danny Leibrandt

Apr 17, 2024

Danny Leibrandt knowledge panel
Danny Leibrandt knowledge panel
Danny Leibrandt knowledge panel

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve successfully claimed my Google Knowledge Panel! This achievement is a significant milestone in my digital marketing journey, and I’m excited to share the steps I took to make it happen. Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, or simply looking to establish your online presence, these steps can help you achieve the same goal.

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Step 1: Set Up and Optimize All Social Media Profiles

This first step is incredibly simple yet crucial. You need to set up profiles on all major social media platforms and fully optimize them. This includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a Profile: Ensure you have an account on each platform.

  • Fill Out Information: Complete every section of your profile with as much information as possible. This includes your bio, profile picture, cover photo, contact details, and links to your other social media profiles and website.

Step 2: Set Up a Website with

Ideally, you should claim a domain with your exact name ( However, if you have a common name and the .com domain is taken, consider variations like .org or .net.

Steps to follow:

  • Buy the Domain: Purchase your chosen domain name.

  • Build Your Website: Create a website all about you. Include a professional bio, portfolio, blog, and contact page.

  • Basic SEO: Ensure your name is in the title, meta description, and H1 tags on your website to enhance visibility in search results.

Step 3: Post Consistently on All Platforms

Being active online is crucial, especially if you're not already a celebrity. Consistent posting across various platforms helps improve your online visibility and credibility.

My Posting Strategy:

  • Platforms: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

  • Frequency: Aim to post weekly.

  • Repurpose Content: Use the same content across multiple platforms to maintain consistency and reach a broader audience.

These platforms are highly effective for SEO, making them essential for building your online presence.

Step 4: Get Links and Mentions from Reputable Sources

This step is often the toughest but most rewarding. You need credible sources to talk about you and ideally link to your website.

How to Gain Credible Mentions:

  • Podcasts: Appear as a guest on various podcasts.

  • Guest Posts: Write articles for reputable blogs and websites.

  • Speaking Engagements: Participate in industry events and conferences.

These activities not only boost your credibility but also improve your chances of getting a Knowledge Panel.

Step 5: Claim Your Knowledge Panel When Google Suggests

Once you've completed the previous steps, you can claim your Knowledge Panel when Google suggests it.

How to Claim Your Knowledge Panel:

  1. Search Your Name: Type your name into Google.

  2. Click the Three Dots: Look for the three dots in the corner of the panel that appears.

  3. Claim Your Panel: Click on "Claim Knowledge Panel" and fill out the form. Then, wait for Google to verify your information.

Recap of the 5 Steps:

  1. Set up all social media profiles.

  2. Set up a website with

  3. Post consistently on all platforms.

  4. Get links and mentions from reputable sources.

  5. Claim your Knowledge Panel when Google suggests.

Claiming my Knowledge Panel is a victory in my book, and I’ll keep you updated on how Google fills it out. A huge shoutout to Dennis Yu for helping me get this!

I hope you found this valuable. If you did, please comment below and share your thoughts. Let’s connect and continue this journey together!